Film Work

Bring the wild to your screen with Wilbur's Wildlife! We offer a diverse array of captivating native animals for television, movies, documentaries, and beyond.

Starring: Snakes slithering in the sun, lizards basking on rocks, possums peeking from pouches, and a vibrant cast of insects, frogs, and turtles. Many of our animal actors are comfortable traveling, ready to grace your sound stage or film location.

Experienced Crew: Our animals are regularly handled with care, ensuring they're confident and ready to shine on camera. We work closely with you to achieve the perfect shots, minimizing delays and maximizing film magic.

Get Your Quote: Every project is unique, so our film work pricing is custom-tailored. Contact us through the form below or call us at 0497 896 602. We'd love to discuss your vision and show you how Wilbur's Wildlife can make your story truly wild!

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Sabina Kelley
Sabina Kelley
April 12, 2024
Had Wilbur's Wildlife Booked for my sons 6th birthday party and it was a huge success, The kids absolutely loved it There was a good mix of different animals and Cale was really entertaining 👌
Chantelle TW
Chantelle TW
January 30, 2020
I visited the $5.00 pop-up Wilbur's Wildlife Centre at West Lakes and it was super cute; they let us hold and pat a python, and they had lots of little reptiles/insects to view. The only thing I can fault was the dreary atmosphere however the man who got the python from his enclosure was super sweet.
Elizabeth Rochow
Elizabeth Rochow
October 29, 2018