Community Giving

Wilbur's Wildlife proudly supports the community that makes our work possible! While individual wildlife presentation donations aren't always feasible due to the high cost of animal care, we're thrilled to announce our community giving program!

This program provides exciting animal encounters for events hosted by non-profit organizations within our region. Through interactive presentations, we aim to foster appreciation for Australia's unique wildlife and inspire environmental stewardship.

Ready to apply? See below for more about eligibility criteria and submit your application.

Together, let's spark wonder and make a difference in our community!

Funding Conservation

Every Wilbur's Wildlife encounter isn't just fun, it's conservation in action! We proudly commit $5 from each booking to support the vital work of the Native Animal Network of South Australia. This dedicated organization helps to raise orphaned wildlife that have been the victim of accidents such as car impacts.

Spread Wildlife Wonder! Free Presentations for Registered Charities

Wilbur's Wildlife is passionate about inspiring the next generation of conservationists. As part of our commitment, we offer free and reduced-cost presentations to registered charities, bringing the magic of Australian wildlife directly to your events.

Imagine the joy on children's faces as they meet cuddly possums, witness the fascinating adaptations of reptiles, and learn about the importance of protecting these amazing creatures. Our interactive presentations ignite curiosity, educate, and spark environmental awareness, enriching your events and leaving a lasting impression.

Ready to bring the wild to your charity event? Apply now through our simple online form! While not every request can be fulfilled due to limitations, we carefully review each application and strive to support as many worthy causes as possible.

Community Group Presentation Application Form

Sabina Kelley
Sabina Kelley
April 12, 2024
Had Wilbur's Wildlife Booked for my sons 6th birthday party and it was a huge success, The kids absolutely loved it There was a good mix of different animals and Cale was really entertaining 👌
Chantelle TW
Chantelle TW
January 30, 2020
I visited the $5.00 pop-up Wilbur's Wildlife Centre at West Lakes and it was super cute; they let us hold and pat a python, and they had lots of little reptiles/insects to view. The only thing I can fault was the dreary atmosphere however the man who got the python from his enclosure was super sweet.
Elizabeth Rochow
Elizabeth Rochow
October 29, 2018