About Wilbur's Wildlife

Adelaide's Animal Adventure Awaits with Wilbur's Wildlife!

Forget the zoo – bring the magic of native Aussie animals right to your doorstep with Wilbur's Wildlife! This Adelaide-based company delivers unforgettable encounters with our furry, feathered, and scaly friends, wherever you are!

Get hands-on and hearts warmed with Wilbur's:

  • Mobile Wildlife Encounters: Imagine playful possums peeking from pouches, and curious reptiles slithering past your feet. Wilbur's brings these incredible creatures to your school, birthday party, retirement home, or any chosen location for an interactive presentation like no other!

  • Up-close and Personal Learning: Dive into the fascinating world of Australian wildlife with Wilbur's experienced educators. Learn amazing facts, dispel myths, and discover the vital role these animals play in our ecosystem.

  • Unforgettable Memories: Witness the wonder in children's eyes as they meet a snake for the first time – these are moments you'll treasure forever.

Wilbur's Wildlife takes pride in creating safe and enriching experiences for both animals and guests. All creatures come from happy, well-maintained private zoo homes, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being. Your safety is also paramount, with trained professionals guiding every encounter.

Wilbur's Wildlife is the brainchild of passionate local couple Cale Russell and Zara Biggar.

So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary! Book your Wilbur's Wildlife encounter today and transform your event into a wild adventure everyone will remember for years to come!

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About Wilbur the Koala

Why are we called Wilbur’s? 


The name "Wilbur's Wildlife" might bring to mind our founder, Cale Russell, but the heart of it all lies with a mischievous little koala named Wilbur. Wilbur wasn't just any koala; he was Cale's first love in the world of animal care, and the spark behind a future brimming with furry faces and feathered friends.

It all began in 2012 at Humbug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary, where a 1-year-old Wilbur reigned supreme. This tiny terror was famous for his rooftop antics, delighting in a good head-bopping of unsuspecting visitors. Fate, however, had dealt Wilbur a harsh hand. His mother, Annabelle, a victim of a car accident, had permanently injured arms, unable to climb the tall trees Wilbur yearned to explore. While Humbug Scrub became Annabelle's sanctuary, Wilbur needed a taste of freedom.

For the next year, Wilbur and Cale shared an extraordinary bond. Up to 3 hours a day, Cale would cuddle, clean, and feed his fluffy friend, witnessing Wilbur's mischievous ways slowly soften into endearing trust. No more rooftop drops; Wilbur learned to patiently wait for cuddles amidst enclosure cleaning. Yet, the wild called, and like all creatures deserving of their true home, Wilbur's return was inevitable.

One unforgettable night, Wilbur climbed back to the trees, Cale bidding farewell to his beloved friend. Though Wilbur hasn't been spotted since, his spirit lives on in every encounter Wilbur's Wildlife creates. While a koala currently might not grace our mobile menagerie, Wilbur's memory lingers, a constant reminder of the magic, responsibility, and love that fuel our passion for wildlife education.

Real Life Koala
Sabina Kelley
Sabina Kelley
April 12, 2024
Had Wilbur's Wildlife Booked for my sons 6th birthday party and it was a huge success, The kids absolutely loved it There was a good mix of different animals and Cale was really entertaining 👌
Chantelle TW
Chantelle TW
January 30, 2020
I visited the $5.00 pop-up Wilbur's Wildlife Centre at West Lakes and it was super cute; they let us hold and pat a python, and they had lots of little reptiles/insects to view. The only thing I can fault was the dreary atmosphere however the man who got the python from his enclosure was super sweet.
Elizabeth Rochow
Elizabeth Rochow
October 29, 2018