Experience the wonders of Australia's native fauna with Wilbur's Wildlife! Our diverse animal ambassadors live with us as part of our extended family, receiving regular care and handling to ensure they're comfortable and confident meeting new people.

  • Encounter a variety of species: From scaly reptiles and charming mammals to fascinating insects and amphibians, discover the incredible diversity of Australian wildlife.

  • Animal welfare first: While we understand specific animal requests, animal husbandry needs and individual animal suitability for presentations always take priority.

Each encounter includes opportunities to understand the threats these amazing creatures face and how you can help ensure their survival. Join us on a journey of wonder and make a difference for wildlife - book your unforgettable encounter today!

Below are a selection of the animals we can bring to meet you.

Woma Python

Hooded Katydid

Blue Tongue Lizard

Marbled Velvet Gecko

Black Headed Python

Sugar Glider

Spiny Leaf Insect

Giant Rainforest Mantis

Magnificent Tree Frog

Ring Tailed Possum

Storr's Monitor

Banded Huntsman

Bookings and Questions

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